Why Awareness Is Important: A Call to Action

by: Ben Broghammer

Our world is overwhelmed with problems that span around the globe and affect people on deep levels.  Among these, cancer and more specifically, stomach cancer.  It is the fifth most common cancer and is responsible for over 1 million new diagnoses every year.  The number of families and friends that the disease also affects is a number that is hard to fathom.  Though stomach cancer is the fifth most common type of cancer, accounting for over a million new cases a year, awareness and research funding is small.  When I set out to start this organization, I wanted to bring attention to a disease that not only affected my family on a deep and unimaginable level, but also one that touches so many families worldwide every day.  Understanding there is a problem is the first step in making a difference.  The next is finding a way to fix it, and the last is following through in changing it.  We are working to fix the problem stomach cancer presents in our world, and we are paving the way to finding a cure for a horrible disease.  With each passing day, we stay committed to the cause we dedicated ourselves to on day 1 and we are working to make the world better for all who are living and for all those who will come after us.  Our dream is to find a cure for cancer.  Awareness is important.  It is extremely important.  And that is because action can only come from awareness.  We know we cannot do it alone, and we rely on the generous support we receive to continue our work.  Please help us to spread awareness.  Please help us to advance our mission.  Please help us to succeed in that mission.  And please JOIN us in making the world better.  We can do it and we will do it.  Awareness starts with people and action starts with deciding to fight back.  Cancer will not decide when enough is enough.