Remembering My Mom on Mother's Day

by: Evette Howe

As fate would have it, May 8th is Mother's Day & it just happens to be 6 months since my mom passed away, which both fall on a Sunday.  This past week has been very hard for me.  Grief is a funny thing, one can be going about your day just fine but somehow your body remembers and the emotions will just overwhelm you with grief, memories, heartache until you begin to connect the dots of the timing. This picture is me and my momma last year on Mother's Day. I had a strong desire to spend it just with her. We just wanted to enjoy some time walking around Ojai at our pace, talking about what we wanted to talk about, eat where we wanted to eat & to just enjoy each other's company. We had a cocktail, shared a meal & sat on a bench eating some ice cream. It was a lovely afternoon. I am so glad I listened to my gut and had this day with her.  She said it was one of her favorite Mother's Days. (Another one was when we snuck margaritas to the park during my kid's track award ceremony. I know who schedules a track award ceremony on Mother's Day?!  It was men of course.  We took said margaritas with us after the ceremony to have a massage. We were a little tipsy for our massage and very giggly, but I digress.). This past 6 months I have taken little time to grieve because I had to keep my shit together for the holidays, for my kids, then to get my house and her house in order and then back to my intense and fast paced job.  So tomorrow, I will grieve and take that time to be sad and remember her. I think I am overdue and because Monday will soon be here to continue on.