Three Years

Today marks three years since Michon’s passing.  We launched Project Periwinkle in her memory in the Spring of 2015 to fund medical research and bring awareness to Stomach Cancer, and since then, have seen our mission grow and advance, and today, we are especially reminded of the work and impact we are striving toward and continuing to make in the lives of others.

Since then, cancer has continued to touch the lives of those around me, and I am reminded every day of the importance of fighting back against cancer, and working toward the day we can all talk about what it was, not what it is.  There is nothing stronger than the will of the human spirit and the determination of a society longing to better the world and the lives of those around them.

As we continue on this journey to better our world, I want to share with you some exciting news.  We are now a participating charitable organization for Thrivent Choice through Thrivent Financial.  If you are a member of Thrivent Financial, you can recommend where some of Thrivent Financial's charitable outreach funds go, and direct your Choice Dollars to Project Periwinkle.  This is a tremendous opportunity to support us and our mission and help to make the world a better place.

As we continue our mission, I want to thank all of you who have shared our story, helped to spread awareness about this disease, and supported us on this journey.  We are only where we are today because of the generous support from you.