A New Year, a Recommitment to Our Mission

A new year is a time to set goals, recommit ourselves to a common purpose and our mission, and continue to advance on the course we set out on just over two and a half years ago.  As we start 2018, I have been reflecting on what we have been able to accomplish since our inception and the milestones and challenges we have experienced, but more heavily, the difference and impact we have been able to make in the world.  I am reminded of the good that spans to every corner of the globe, and of the power we have as a collective body for the change we wish to see.  Throughout history, we, as a society, have been able to beat what was thought to be the impossible, but one of the biggest struggles we have had to face is finding a cure for cancer.  Since we started in 2015, my live has continued to be touched by this disease, and I am reminded of the importance of never giving up on our goals and dreams, what this organization means to those we are able to impact, and the overwhelming support of those who have helped to make our organization what it is today.  I am looking forward the next eleven and a half months, because I know that they hold another year of milestones, excitement, and challenges I know we will be able to overcome.  If history has taught us as humans anything, it is that we are stronger than we think, more powerful than we thought we were, and more resilient when facing obstacles than we thought we could ever be.  Thank you for being a part of this journey, and for helping to make us what we are today.

-Ben Broghammer, Founder & President

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