My Experience With Stomach Cancer Affecting a Loved One

by: Patty Rapp

I would like to share my experience having a loved one with stomach cancer twice. Before I go into detail I would like to introduce myself, my name is Patty. My experience with having a loved one with stomach cancer that I am going to be telling you about was my mother. The first time we found out my mom had stomach cancer was in 2009, at first, we didn't know she had cancer all we knew was she was bleeding somewhere but wasn't sure where the bleeding was. My mom had taken a trip because she wanted to be at the hospital when my nephew was born, but instead she was in the hospital herself. The doctors ran tests and done a pet scan and that is when they found a tumor that was the size of a grapefruit in her stomach. The doctors done surgery to remove everything they could see that was affected by cancer. When my mom came home to start treatment her oncologist didn't want to tell us the stage her cancer was in. We kept asking, and finally the oncologist gave in and told us that her cancer was stage four and she would have to have four strong different types of chemotherapy if she had any chance to beat this cancer. As my mom was going through her treatment, I stayed by her side taking care of her and taking her back and forth to treatment. After six months of being sick from chemotherapy, my mom got the news she was in remission and we tried to get our lives somewhat back in order. But in 2011, my mom had three strokes and it just felt like things went downhill from there. In 2014, I noticed that my mom just wasn't acting her normal self, she was always tired and always wanting to eat crushed ice as much as she could. One day I had to rush her to the hospital, the doctors ran more tests and yet again they found another tumor in her stomach. The doctors did another surgery to remove what was left of her stomach and the doctors had to make a small stomach out of her small intestines. My mom also had to go through more chemotherapy but also this time radiation. I never left her side, even when Hospice came in to help take care of her and to make sure she was comfortable from pain, I never left.

My mom lost her battle with stomach cancer and gained her beautiful angel wings on February 7, 2015.