The $5 Donation

by: Ben Broghammer, Founder & President

The $5 donation has an effect that can make waves in furthering our mission.  For most, who spend that same amount on a morning coffee, or a beer on the weekends, giving that $5 to charity may not be at the forefront of mind, but it can be an action taken that has huge implications past what can be normally expected.  Cancer research is expensive.  And though $5 may not seem like even a drop in the bucket when compared to some of the cancer research program budgets, it all adds up.  Our most recent post on Instagram reached over 13,000 people in three days. If only 1 in 10 gave $5, we would have raised over $6,500—more than our most recent gift to MD Anderson Cancer Center. And because every dollar we raise goes to research and awareness, that is $6,500 that is making a direct impact in bettering our world.

An overwhelming theme in charity work today is the aspect of the need and want for transparency and where dollars go.  Additionally, one of the biggest developing demographics in America is the millennial generation and how they contribute to philanthropy and giving in their communities. This is powered, in part, largely by social media and the advancement of mobile platforms.  Further are the developments on Facebook and most recently, Instagram, where donors can give directly on those applications to charity. It’s fast and simple, but from the non-profit side of things, little goes beyond clicking the donate button: email or mailing addresses aren’t shared, contact information is not provided, and all a nonprofit knows is the name of the donor and amount given.  Those platforms handle the tax-deductible receipt and payment processing.  This can be frustrating from a donor relations standpoint—especially because I make it a point to thank every donor personally, regardless of the amount given.

If you can, please consider donating to our mission.  Whether $5 or $25, it all adds up and every penny will help us to continue funding the vital stomach cancer research programs that are making a difference, bringing advancements, and carrying our world closer to being cancer free.  Thank you for your support!!

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