Our Ambassador Program

Awareness of stomach cancer goes hand in hand with being able to support the research programs that are needed for medical advancements in its prevention, treatment, and cure. We relaunched our Ambassador Program in March of this year, and have brought together a group that spans beyond the United States.

Stomach cancer is a global issue, and not focused solely in one country or within one group. Being able to effectively bring awareness and the importance of our mission is vital to not only growing our cause, but also sustaining our mission.

Our program is co-directed by Cristin Kohlscheen and Noelle Kneidinger, both of whom have been touched by this disease, and they lead a tremendous group and a program that is dedicated to the advancement of our mission, our work, and bringing awareness to others.

We invite anyone who is interested in becoming a Project Periwinkle Ambassador to apply and join us.

Apply today by filling out the Ambassador Application. Thank you for your interest!