100% Model In Its Truest Form

We started with a simple concept around our operations: 100% of every dollar raised goes directly toward furthering our mission of funding stomach cancer research and bringing awareness to the disease.

In a lot of nonprofits who use a “100% model”, the organization runs in a way in which a group of donors fund overhead, which is drawn from one “account”, and the public donates to the mission in which 100% of those dollars are drawn from a second “account” to fund the work the nonprofit sets out to accomplish.  However, the same amount is still spent on overhead regardless of how it’s paid for, everything ranging from rent to office space costs, salaries, employment taxes and related costs, and all the small things that fall in between to run an effective operation.

We took a lot of the weight off in our approach. Though we do still have costs such as postage, fees for required government filings and nonprofit registration, and a cost for maintaining our website, that’s really the end of the list.  If fact, one of the largest costs is credit card transaction fees from donations made online. No salaries, no rent, no thrills.  No need for an overhead account or reliance of a small list of big donors to support the overhead costs of our organization.  When we say every dollar raised goes toward fulfilling our work, we mean it. And that makes all the difference when running a nonprofit organization.

We are proud that over the past four and a half years, we have saved almost $3 million by operating this way. Of course, while there are fall backs to not running with a full time staff and leadership team, in the end, it makes all the difference to have the dollars we raise go further.  That is what charity is and that is how it should be. Financial stewardship and fiscal responsibility at its finest.

To learn more about our work and to contribute financially to our mission, visit our donation page. All gifts are tax-deductible. Thank you for your support!